Modern Warfare 2 Patch Converter v1

Well I must give MAJOR thanks to BuC-ShoTz for his zlib compression assistance. I am pretty much a noob at zlib compression, but I understand most.


This neat tool allows a few things others don’t. It will run on XP, and may need XP compatibility on Vista/7.. Also on Vista/7 You MUST RUN AS ADMIN, or it will throw an exception on convert..

It also allows you to choose what file to use where to save the file, rather than force a file name and a save location..

During conversion, all operations take place in a temporarily folder on the ROOT of the drive the application is running on.

Your ant-virus may pick something up as it copies files, creates directories, and launches batch scripts (created on-the-fly).

I have also tested the success rate. Files converted originally with this converter can convert both ways for ever in general. I have also tested a file converted using one of buc’s older generators. While it did convert to xbox, and ffViewer could open it, it failed to convert back.

The best advice I can say is get a clean xbox patch, and convert with this from the start.

Also like buc shot, THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOSSY’S CONVERTER. It uses the same methods as buc-shots, so thats the reason why.

Also, I don’t think you need instructions to use this, but if you do, check the help menu, or press CTRL + I keyboard shortcut.

So enough if me yapping, I am guessing you just wanna leech me? Well sadly I can’t prevent that, but I am hoping you will take the time to thank me.


Jetti Virus Scan:

Virus-Total Virus Scan:

MD5: d569283995c5c155bc53c65ba02d1d4b

SHA1 : 91174544f1167e8010688aa10c66d1ccd500595

SHA256: d0790577ee3f9de91f3205416ba0379731d7ba42adcb3cb2b23b87024ec1c729

Please do not download this from anywhere else but my blog. this ensures you stay virus free because people can pack/merge viruses to a exe if you are not careful. You can check virus total for hash/checksums, and find hasher tool downloads online to check the integrity/safety of the file.

UPDATE: Seems there is a bug with the conversion code. The tool partly works, but if you get a output of 100 KB, then you hit the bug. Best advice is get a clean xbox TU/1,11 patch and go from there. I am working to get a update, so hang in there :).



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